Tennis Academy

Mission Hills Tennis Academy is located at Mission Hills Country Club, adjacent to Mission Hills Sport & Eco Park and Mission Hills Golf Academy. With the surrounding of Mission Hills’ 5A National Tourist Attraction, it is paradise for leisure and tennis.

The Tennis Academy offers 18 tennis courts, including 4 covered courts, 3 padded courts, 10 hard courts and a Centre Court that can accommodate 3,000 people. The Tennis Academy is committed to building first-in-class tennis training and development facilities in China, providing a platform for tennis enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world to learn, develop and network.

Professional Tennis Event Organisation & Planning

Our one-stop professional tennis event organization and planning services assist enterprises, institutions and social groups in the planning and management of tennis tournaments and events, including PR and marketing, event planning, leasing, venue rental and on-site referees and staff arrangements as well as on-site facilities and equipment rental, photography and videography services. In addition, we also provide training consultation, team management and event leasing services for corporate and social sporting teams.

Professional Tennis Training & Development

The Tennis Academy emphasises on providing students with a comprehensive and tailored tennis training & development programs. We offer a selection of programs for different ages and skill levels, including youth programs, adult programs, private lessons, taster experience sessions, tennis summer camps and tennis club activities. We also offer long-term training programs for public and private schools, enterprises and institutions. A suitable tennis development program can always be found at Mission Hills Tennis Academy that will help you improve your fitness and tennis skills.

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