Mission Hills Shenzhen Clubhouse is the number one club of Mission Hills as well as the transportation center of the entire golf club that provides free luxurious shuttle bus services to and from all the clubs.

It takes only a 45 drive from the border of Hong Kong to Shenzhen Clubhouse. If you have just arrived at the Shenzhen Airport by flight, you would also be able to get to the club in 30 minutes. It takes only 5 minutes to get from Shenzhen Clubhouse to Village Club by driving, 15 minutes to Mid-Valley Club, and 30 minutes to Dongguan Clubhouse.

From Shenzhen Clubhouse to Time Required(min)
Hong Kong Border 45
Shenzhen International Airport 45
Country Club 5
Mid-Valley Clubhouse 15
Dongguan Clubhouse 30

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