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  • Introduction of Property Management Service Company

    Mission Hills Property Management is an enterprise with China Class 1 property management qualification, and is certified with the international ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment management. It is a member of the executive directing unit of China Property Management Institute and has been awarded the following accreditations, “Property Management Comprehensive Strength Top 100 Enterprises in China”, “Model Property Management Company for Golf Clubs in China” and “Top Ten Five-Star Service Brand Enterprises in China Property Industry”.
    The total planned construction area under Mission Hills Property Management's governance is over three million square meters, and the projects under it’s jurisdiction have won various honorary titles such as the “Most Liveable Community” Golden Award”, “Property Awards (Property Oscar)”, “Top Ten Luxury Villas in China”, and “National Model Property Management Project”.

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  • Management Service Features

    The company adheres to the operation philosophy of “Sincere services for your satisfaction” and pursues the long-term corporate objective of “Establishing the model for high-end property management services in China” to provide a round-the-clock British-style butler service for the distinguished owners. With a high-quality service team and scientific management service system, the company is committed to creating a civilized, harmonious and comfortable ecological and environmental-friendly living space for owners/residents from all over the world.

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  • Areas of Property Management

    Belgravia is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen. Belgravia Phase I follow the single line layout which guarantees the widest landscape view and the best orientations. Belgravia has private putting greens on the north side and faces the Zhang Lian Wei Course on the south side - a double-green view. The ownership of such rare resources is an outstanding feature in golf properties in Shenzhen.

    Hillsborough is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen near Holes No. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the World Cup Course. It is a two-storey Spanish garden-style detached villa group arranged in counter-clockwise direction. Hillsborough has won various honorary titles such as the “Landscape Garden District in Shenzhen”, “First Class Luxury Properties Development Model in China” and “Landscape Residence Development Model in China”.

    Regent on Mission Hills
    Regent on Mission Hills is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen and situated on the hill of Hole No. 12 of the Mission Hills Golf Club World Cup Course. It is surrounded by Fairways No. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the World Cup Course to form a one-way arc arrangement. It sports a 360-degree course green scenery and has four 6-to 9-storey luxury houses with elevators.

    Savannah is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen and situated between the famous Els Course and Vijay Course. It is known as the private “yacht” of Mission Hills. Its architectural form is beautiful, so much so that be it in the use of the land or the space, the extravagance is unimaginable. The comfort of the interior of Savannah has transcended the dreams and pursuits of ordinary people.

    Mission Hills In Residence
    Mission Hills In Residence is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen and each of its zones connects to the course. The course intersects with the villa groups. The overall low density, low plot ratio and wide distances between plots create a fine living environment. The source of design inspiration is a blend of the Italian classical and Hawaiian recreational architectural styles. It takes the elegant and grand architectural tradition of Tuscany, the place of origin of the European Renaissance in North Italy, as the core theme, and manifests the unique culture of European architectures from the interior to the exterior, from the facade to the details. In Residence has won the honorary title of the “National Model Property Management Project”.

    Emerald Canyons
    Emerald Canyons is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen and situated within the Asian-style Ozaki Course. The owners can indulge in the excellent views of the mountains, lakes and golf fairways, taking the villa property’s exclusive ownership of landscape resources to the greatest of heights! The architectural style of the buildings in Emerald Canyons has a more leisurely flavor than a classical one. The air of nobility of the pure Spanish bloodline that originated from South Europe has combined with the local culture after having traveled to North America in 17th century and has transformed into the leisurely quality of South Californian sunshine without losing its touch of classical elegance.

    Emerald Crescent
    Emerald Crescent is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen, close to No. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Holes of Zhang Lian Wei Course. The residence group is in semi-surrounded space structure (half-moon style) that continues the romantic leisure style of golf property. Each household has a semi-outdoor leisurely space, such as large balcony, terrace, hanging swimming pool garden, roof garden and private swimming pool garden, which enable the owners to enjoy the ecological environment of Mission Hills Golf Club comprehensively.

    Emerald Valley
    Emerald Valley is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen, close to the course with the most natural scenery, the Ozaki Course. The villas surround the golf course in single line layout to ensure that each villa has the best golf course landscape. The single line layout allows the villas to maximize the scenery viewing area, both at the front and the back. This has also ensured the best ventilation and lighting for the villas as well as ensuring that the privacy of the owners’ prestigious living space would not be infringed upon.

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  • Mission Hills • Shenzhen Property Management Service

    Address: No. 1 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, China
    Tel: (+86 755) 2802 0888 Ext.32281
    Postal Code: 518110

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