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Wet'n'Wild Water Park Haikou

Jointly developed by Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP), Guangxi Investment Group and Mission Hills Group, Wet'n'Wild Haikou is located in Mission Hills ,offering thrilling entertainment experiences to the visitors of all ages.

Wet'n'Wild Haikou is located in Mission Hills Centreville Haikou. Spanning 1 million square-metres, this modern lifestyle destination is adjacent to Movie-themed Town, The Ritz-Carlton Haikou and The Renaissance Haikou, bringing together business, leisure, entertainment and cultural attractions. 20-minute drive away from the Haikou Railway Station and Haikou Meilan International Airport; arrive by bus routes K2 and K3, or by Mission Hills’shuttle bus.

Movie Town


Movie Town is a collaboration between China’s premium leisure and lifestyle conglomerate Mission Hills Group, acclaimed film director Feng Xiaogang, and the country’s leading film production studio, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. The first of its kind in China, it integrates the beauty of architecture, film and retail into a unique tourist destination.

Located at Mission Hills Haikou, the movie town features architectures inspired by settings from Director Feng’s most popular movies, such as “Back To 1942”, “Tangshan Earthquake” and “If You Are the One”. It aims to build an all-inclusive entertainment and commercial tourism district, showcasing how China’s landscape has evolved over the past century.

Best View: Xixiu Beach

The sea water here is classified as national level II with a hot spring of 49.5 C. The Beach has become an international sailing training base, an international yacht club and a Chinese Lido.

Should you have further enquiries or need transportation arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact hotel concierge at ext. no of Haikou hotel. “61812”

Best Restaurant for a Celebration: Haikou Qilou Snack Street

It is a very famous street in Haikou where the restaurants specialize in dishes from different parts of China. It can accommodate up to 30,000 people eating together.

Should you have further enquiries or need transportation arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact hotel concierge at ext. no of Haikou hotel. “61812”

Best Restaurant Classic: Qiongcaiwang Food Village

As the largest garden-style food village and a very famous seafood restaurant in Haikou, it provides a good selection of Hainan cuisines and local signature dishes popular among consumers and gourmets from home and abroad.

Best Cocktail with a View: Lounge Restaurant • Bar

Situated on Fengqing Bar Street, the hard-to-find Lounge offers an exclusive experience and unique panoramic ocean views.

Haikou Submarine Villages

This mysterious site features 72 villages that were sent into the sea by an earthquake. Hundreds of years later, they have become an amazing underwater sight waiting for visitors to discover their extraordinary story and get an impressive example of the

power of nature.

Five Ministers' Temple

Considered the "first building of Haikou," this temple is a very important scenic spot. In fact, it is a group of ancient buildings built in honor of the five noted ministers (Li Yude of Tang Dynasty, Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Jing of Song Dynasty)

from Haikou’s storied history.

Hairui Tomb

Hairui Tomb is one of the "Eight Sceneries" of Haikou. It has become a famous place of interest known as "Yue Dong Zheng Qi" (the integrity and upright) in memory of Hairui, the famous official of the Ming dynasty, who was born in Qiongshan and known

as "Hai Qingtian" (which means “incorruptible official”).

Best Culture Secret: Qiongtai Academy

It was established in 1705 in memory of Qiu Jun, a famous scholar during the Ming Dynasty. At one time, the academy was the supreme institution of Qiongshan in the Qing Dynasty. Its main building is a two-storey structure of typical Chinese brick-and-wood


Museum Must-See: Hainan Provincial Museum

Hainan Provincial Museum is the only comprehensive modern museum in Hainan Province. It serves as an important social civilization symbol and also holds significant meaning for building the international tourism island and promoting development of the

cultural tourism industry of Hainan province.

Best Shopping Neighborhood: Haixiu Avenue

It is the most bustling commercial street in Haikou with many tourist souvenir shops. The place to shop for gifts to take back home.

What to Buy/Best Memento: Seawater Pearl, Crystal, Li Brocade, Coconut Shell Sculpture

Seawater Pearl, Crystal, Li Brocade as well as Coconut Shell Sculpture are very unique and distinctive gifts for friends and family. Among them, Li Brocade, as China's oldest cotton textile, is a featured cloth handmade by the local Li people using

cotton inside a capsule of kapok. Remember to bring one home!

Activity/Excursion: Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area

Known as the first and largest mangrove natural reserve area in China, Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is also called 'heaven for birds.' About 159 species of birds inhabit the reserve.

Top Day Trip: Haikou Shishan Crater Cluster National Geological Park

Known for its geology museum, this park also has a rare urban volcano. According to geologists, the last eruption happened about 13,000 years ago. Thirty-six relics of the craters can be seen here, the highest is Saddle Hill which is 222.8 meters tall.

Best Family Activity: Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden

Covered by 90 percent greenery and sprawling across 800 acres, it is the largest tropical wildlife and botanical theme garden in China. More than 4,000 rare birds and 200 animal species live here, some of which are quite endangered.

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