Mission Hills Group has sufficiency realized users' personal data are users' privacy. It is means a lot for each user. Mission Hills Group is committed to protect users personal and data privacy. This outlines how Mission Hills Group is collecting users' data, save data and handle users' data so that more service can be provided to users. Please read carefully the before you use our online booking facility.

Mission Hills Group request data when you
  • Register Mission Hills Group' website and use our online services such as Online Booking, Online Check-in;
  • Use the interactive services of Mission Hills Group;
  • Complete feedback forms;
  • Use other service provide by Mission Hills Group.
Method of Mission Hills Group collects user's data
  • Provide personal data is voluntarily by users;
  • Interact with Mission Hills Group through web browser when users visit
  • Leave personal data when complete the transaction on this website;
  • Mission Hills Group obtained users' service requirement and related information from its partners by legally;
  • Other ways under the laws and regulations.
Mission Hills Group collect user's data included but not limited to the following content
  • User's name and password
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Passport number/ ID Card number
  • King Club No. and PIN
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Country / Territory of residence
  • Company name and job title
  • Credit card information including name of cardholder, credit card number, credit card billing address and expiry date
  • Travel details and preferences
  • Business information: business address, total number of employees, industry type, occupation, position / seniority and company travel policy;
  • Contact information of the recipient(s) (where applicable) when redeeming or purchasing gifts in our Online Shop from the website.

    You are not required to provide the data. However, if you elect not to supply the data as requested from each specific service, we may be unable to deliver you the online services in full.

Mission Hills Group save, use and operate user's data

User register their personal data on, that means user warrant Mission Hills Group to save, search data and use data for provide relative service to users. If the user is one of member of Mission Hills Golf Club, this user's data will be provided to Mission Hills Golf Club. User may opt in or opt out of this service during registration or when user updates their profile.

Mission Hills Group commit to make sure the security of user's privacy data.

For online Credit Card payment, using the advanced security technology to prevent illegal stealing from user privacy data. Mission Hills Group using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to make sure the key information (e.g., Credit Card No., PIN etc) will not be intercepted and accidental access through the whole data transmission.

In order to provide better service to users, the default web browser will use Cookies to save user's data into user's computer, and Cookies will identify users and send their data when they visit Cookies will provide accurate information and convenient service the next visitation. User may choose to prohibit this function on the Internet Options if they think it is unnecessary.

Mission Hills Group adopts the International advanced IT security technology, establish a set of advanced security system (e.g. firewall), this security system prevents from unauthorized access and stealing the user data which saved in the Mission Hills Group database. However, the Internet is still no foolproof security system, Therefore, users need to make sure whether the data provided to us was illegal and users need to be responsible for this risk. Therefore, the maximum to prevent such things happen, Mission Hills Group will update the security system continuously.

We will provide the following service according to our users' requirements and business requirements after we collect user's data:

  • To process user's request on purchasing our service(s);
  • To confirm user's arrangements;
  • To fulfill user's request when user use our online and mobile services;
  • To contact user to make sure the service information can be sent in time;
  • To identify user for login;
  • For the operations of Mission Hills Golf Club including usage tracking, delivery of associated benefits and services, ongoing research and programme development, as well as delivering news and information to Mission Hills Golf Club Club Members;
  • For our own marketing purposes, such as sending user updates on our latest offers and promotions;
  • For identification and verification purposes;
  • For our own reference and record.
  • According to the requirements of users, Mission Hills Group provides this information to third parties in order to meet user's requirements of the products and services, but the data is limit to this product or service.
  • Mission Hills Group will aggregate user data and other information from other resources, so that special product(s) and/or service(s) can be provided to users.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, Mission Hills Group sell one of business unit, and the business units are using user data which will work together with the business unit that was transferred to the purchaser who shall be the same use of user information.
  • Other usage under the laws.
  • Under the necessary instance, Mission Hills Group will publish some user' data according to the laws and regulations, or the judge and order from court and government. If the relative information can help to prevent harm to others users or company's benefit and property, or to protect others from harm, Mission Hills Group has right to publish this data. If users do not agree with the rest of the usage of user data, please contact Mission Hills Group, we will respect user's opinion and communicate with users, except terms No 12 and No.14
Notice for Link to non-Mission Hills Group Site contains links to other websites, if users link to other websites through this website and provides their personal data, please pay attention: the Privacy Policy of these websites which Mission Hills Group can not control and guarantee the security may be different from Mission Hills Group. Therefore, Mission Hills Group under no circumstances shall warrant the security of these websites. We suggest that users must read the relative information of our Privacy Policy carefully when you provide your personal data through the links to other web-sites. For more details please refer to "Non-Mission Hills Group links Liability Disclaimer" of <Liability Disclaimer>.

  • Personal Data Control by User

    Users of this website have the right to change their personal data at any time.

  • Our Commitment to Children's Privacy

    First of all, protecting the privacy of children is our primary responsibility. However, we will not collect or keeping data of those whose age are UNDER two (2) years old except that we do not know before.

  • Changes to Privacy Statement

    Mission Hills Group will change the Privacy Statement according to our operation in the future. Mission Hills Group will post the new statement on this page once we have changed our privacy statement, so that users are always informed of the way we collect and use the data. If any points of new privacy statement users do not agree with please contact us by writing to us or email us and we will help you terminate using this service as you required. (The above contents may be translated into other languages, but the Chinese version shall always prevail in case of any conflict.)

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