Members Activities

Mission Hills has already organized over 100 competitions covering golf, tennis, billiards and cycling including: the Tiger Woods China Challenge, Cycling Race Around China, Davis Cup, World Snooker Championship and more. Other recent professional golf tournaments include the 12 editions of World Cup of Golf and Mission Hills Star Trophy, etc.

As a meeting place for the top global business leaders, Mission Hills hosts more than 100 members activities every year. These include clinics from champion golfers, music salons, celebrity parties, educational forums, opportunities to interact with dignitaries and other such activities.

Through these platforms, our members can expand their cultural horizons, exchange ideas and savor a refined lifestyle. They can even rub elbows with captains of industry, prominent figures in business and commerce, banking and finance magnates and the like, fully immersing themselves in Mission Hills’ exclusive ambiance.

For more information regarding membership details, please contact us:
  • Hong Kong : (+852) 2122 1616
  • Shenzhen : (+86-755) 2801 8000

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