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Haikou Barça Mission Hills sports development co., LTD, founded in September 2018, is a joint venture invested by Football Club Barcelona (Barça for short), one of La Liga traditional giant clubs,and Mission Hills group, the leader of Chinese sports industry. The two sides jointly invested and operated the ” Barça  Experience Haikou” project, which aims to increase the local public’s interest in football and help discover and cultivate future football talents in China. It is Barça’s first joint venture in its 120-year history and the club’s first of its kind outside Barcelona.

Barça  Experience Haikou is located on the 3rd to 4th floor, building No. 12-13 of Mission Hills Centreville,No. 39, Yangshan avenue, Longhua district, Haikou city,Hainan province  and  it is the first Barça themed  Interactive experience center. The experience center,with a construction area of 7000 square meters,contains Barça Exhibition Center、Barça Official Store and Barça  restaurant. It is the first Barça themed interactive experience center integrating exhibition, interactive experience, shopping and restaurant since the establishment of the club 120 years ago. Barça  Experience Haikou embraced its grand opening on November 18, 2018, and consists of three branches, namely Barça Exhibition, CenterBarça Official Store and Barça restaurant.

Barça Exhibition Center

Barça  Experience Haikou Exhibition Center is Barça ‘s first interactive exhibition center outside Barcelona, with a total construction area of 4500 square meters. The exhibition area is used to display the club’s precious historical relics and trophies, and to provide an advanced immersive interactive experience for visitors. It is a must go place for all Barça fans and all football fans.

Barça Official Store

Barça Official Store is located on the third floor inside Barça Experience Haikou. It is the only fans’ store authorized by FCB in China. With an area of around 900 square meters,the store offers visitors Nike-Barça products (sweatshirts、football shoes、training equipment,etc.) and other products licensed by Barça for non-sports equipment (key rings、hats、office stationery,etc.).

Barça restaurant(Coming Soon

This is the first Barça themed sports restaurant in the world with an area of 700 square meters. The restaurant is located at the end of the Barça Experience tour. It can be used as a themed restaurant or as a sports bar for football fan groups during important games.

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  • Address:Located on the 3rd to 4th floor, building No. 12-13 of Mission Hills Centreville,No. 39, Yangshan avenue, Longhua district, Haikou city

Barça is committed to spreading the successful experience of La Masia to every corner of the world that loves football. So far, there are nearly 50 official Barça academies all over the world.

As one of the two academies directly managed and operated by FCB in the world, Barça Academy Pro Haikou has introduced the La Masia youth training system which has cultivated famous footballers such as Lionel Messi、Xavi 、Iniesta and so on,aiming to foster more excellent footballers for China.

Since its establishment, Barça Academy Pro Haikou has been adhering to the motto of“a way to play,a way to grow”and is commited to the two principles:

  1. Teaching Barça methodology to the players;
  2. Teaching Barça values to the players: humility、effort、ambition、respect and teamwork

Barça Academy Pro Haikou trains on the pitches of Mission Hills football base in Haikou,including 7 standard 11 person artificial turf pitches and 1 standard 7 person artificial turf pitch.

Mission Hills football base is located in the planning area of Mission Hills Resort in Yangshan district, Haikou city.The whole base plans to build 30 high-standard football pitches and has completed 11 of them. When the whole project is completed, it will become one of the best football bases in southern China.

Highlights of  the traninings of Barça Academy Pro Haikou

  • Experienced Barça technical director from Spain ensure that the players receive authentic Barça football training
  • Each team has a maximum of 12 players to ensure that every player gets the maximum attention of the coach
  • We offer Regulat training on Wednesday、Saturday and Sunday,camp activity
  • One-two regular internal matches in a month and irregular external matches
  • Players have the chance to go to Barcelona for Barça World Cup
  • Personalized evaluation report for players every semester
  • Free shuttle bus for players

Since its establishment, more than 1,200 young players have joined in various training programs of  Barça Academy Pro Haikou and more than 5,000 children from local schools in Haikou have received training from Barça coaches through football promotion activities.

Supporting facilities:

  • Haikou Misson Hills Football Base (It is expected to finish construction in March 2019)

The total area of planning supporting facilities of the football base is about 51,490 square meters, among which the players’ apartment is about 16,000 square meters. The players’ apartment is designed to accommodate 529 people from 16 teams,meeting the needs of coaches, athletes and entourages. The football base is equipped with a comprehensive restaurant with an area of about 780 square meters, which can accommodate 420 people at the same time. The base is also equipped with a multi-functional hall with an area of about 700 square meters, which can accommodate 700-800 people, 10 meeting rooms of various types, reception room, interview room and management office totaling about 470 square meters.Besides there is a 3,800 square meter conference center in Mission Hills north area, with 8 meeting rooms of 50-1050 square meters.

The players’apartment is equipped with a cafe of about 300 square meters, a convenience store of about 100 square meters, two recreation rooms of about 300 square meters and a laundry room of about 100 square meters.

The football base is equipped with 4 independent gyms of about 920 square meters and 1 constant temperature swimming pool of about 1100 square meters.

The medical rehabilitation facility (under planning and construction) has a spa area of about 400 square meters, a football base comprehensive medical area of about 250 square meters and a sports function test area of about 190 square meters. The football base is equipped with a medical duty room which provides treatment, rehabilitation, physical examination and so on.

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  • Address: Mission Hills Football Base,Longhua district,Haikou city

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