MH Centreville Shenzhen is the creative brainchild of Mission Hills Group that extends across the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan. It is an international integrated leisure and entertainment destination with the unique HOPSCA identity, bringing hotels (H), business (O), leisure (P), shopping (S), culture (C) and residence (A) together, providing a one-stop international shopping, entertainment and new lifestyle experience for visitors from across China and abroad and the residents of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong.

MH Centreville encompasses MH Mall, MH Maker, Hard Rock Hotel and other high-quality living facilities and amenities. It is recognized as one of the leading trend-setting landmarks in the Pearl River Delta region and across Southern China that is well suited for residence, traveling, shopping, leisure and entertainment.

A number of international entertainment brands have established their presence in MH Mall, such as Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinema, which has the first detached IMAX cinema block in Southern China, Brunswick Bowling Alley, one of the rare well-equipped bowling alleys in Asia that meets the international professional tournament standard, the internationally renowned Ice Castle ice skating rink, a leading equestrian experience center and academy in China, a large-scale  trampoline park and so on. The abundance of leisure and entertainment offerings makes MH Mall an ideal place for visitors of young and old and families alike to have a relaxing and enjoyable visit.

The concept of “Retailtainment” was first introduced to China at MH Mall. It redefines the positioning of traditional shopping malls and introduces a novelty lifestyle that brings unique shopping, leisure, entertainment, culinary and interactive experiences under one destination.

MH Centreville Shenzhen provides rich, diverse and interactive experiences for visitors of all ages and interests. The unique concepts of its offerings, design and services have earned MH Centreville Shenzhen numerous awards and certifications over the recent years, such as the Green Building Gold Award certification issued by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED, and the Global Smart City Complex Paradigm Award awarded by the Global Human Settlements Forum Council (GFHS), to name a couple.




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