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With the world’s largest golf club as its premium platform, Mission Hills has devoted to the development and operation of high-end golf real estates. Since the launch of the Hillsborough project in 1997, Mission Hills has launched various top-level real estate projects successively, which include Regent on Mission Hills, Savannah, Mission Hills in Residence, Emerald Canyons, Emerald Valley, Emerald Crescent, Belgravia, Hotel Apartment, The Grand, Forest Hill, and Woodland Hills, etc. It has carried out successfully an organic integration of real estate with sports and recreation and high-end living. Mission Hills has created the International Golf Community in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haikou that are second to none in China.

  • Belgravia

    The Belgravia is located between the Zhang Lianwei Course and 18-hole putting green. Belgravia Phase 1 has 25 independent villas which were completed and delivered in stages starting from September 28, 2010. Belgravia Phase 2 has 325 apartments villas which were completed and delivered in stages starting from June 28, 2011.

    As the first 18-hole, three-par course in China, the redan green, stamp green and island green on the Zhang Lianwei Course are highly innovative and interesting. It is an ideal place for proprietors to enjoy leisure time with the family and strengthen family bonds sion Hills’ first private course that is only open to proprietors, the 18-hole green putting green provides great fun and convenience for them to play anytime they like.

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  • Emerald Crescent

    Emerald Crescent is located at the north of Mission Hills•Emerald Valley, and is close to hole 7 to 14 of the Zhang Lianwei Course. The residential cluster presents a semi-closed (crescent-shaped) spatial structure and maintains the romantic leisure style of golf real estate. It is made up of 12 split-level villas of 24 households, 2 units of ten-storied loft style dwellings with 40 households, and 8 units of multi-storied apartment dwellings with 160 households. The residences have a tropical Hawaiian architectural style, and occupy an area of 81,403 sqm and a total building area of 30,119 sqm. The project owns 20,000 sqm of natural ecological gardens near the waters. Most of the households face south and north, southeast or southwest, with a total sales area of 29,899.8 sqm. The project was completed and delivered in July 2008.

    Emerald Crescent emphasizes on the creation of an international sub-tropical leisurely community, and this feature is highlighted in the designs from the overall environment right down to the details design. Each household has a half room semi- outdoor leisurely space, such as a large balcony, terrace, hanging swimming pool garden, roof garden and private swimming pool garden, which enable garden, allowing the owners to enjoy the ecological environment of Mission Hills Golf Club comprehensively in every way.

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  • Emerald Valley

    Emerald Valley has 111 double townhouses of 222 households that overlook the Jumbo Ozaki Light Course. The buildings adopt the architectural style of South Californian hillsides in the US, occupying an area of 12,474m&sup2 and a building area of 46,507㎡. It was completed in stages starting from August 2007.

    Emerald Valley adopts the same architectural style of the South California hillsides as the Emerald Canyons. It is located at the Jumbo Ozaki Course, which has the most beautiful natural sceneries in Mission Hills Golf Club, inheriting Mission Hills’ pursuit of world-class enjoyment. Not only do the proprietors of Mission Hills•Emerald Valley get to enjoy 1 million sqm of private gardens, they also have the privilege of enjoying the 18-hole Emerald Canyons Golf Course, five lakes and eight recreational parks, creating a dream living for you. A more complete living environment helps you attain a perfect world-class enjoyment, letting you achieve a poetic life of boundless glory.

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  • Emerald Canyons

    Emerald Canyons is located at the center of the fairway of the Jumbo Ozaki Course. It has 156 independent villas and townhouses of 174 households that integrate traditional Spanish and South California architectural styles. It occupies an area of 154,110 sqm and a building area of 44,082 sqm, and was completed and delivered in stages starting from April 2007.

    Emerald Canyons tends towards a more leisurely architectural style on the foundation of a more classical flavor. The pure-lineage Spanish noble quality that originated from the southern part of Europe have traveled to North America in the 17th century and have blended with the local culture since then, and have evolved into the sunny South California style which is relaxed and laid-back without sacrificing its air of elegance. In terms of architectural details, Emerald Canyons is more casual and concise. Just like South California under the sunny blue sky and surrounded by the emerald sea, the project employs overhanging eaves, open-air terraces, large windows and exquisite ornaments as well as the interplay of light and shadows created by the sunlight on the surfaces of the walls to create a relaxed and delightful yet unrestrained classical quality.

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  • In Residence

    Mission Hills • In Residence is located right next to the World Cup Course. It has 76 independent villas that integrate classic Italian and Hawaii leisure architectural styles, occupying a total area of 252,436 sqm and a building area of 91,775sqm. The project was completed and delivered in stages starting from November 2004. It has been awarded titles such as Best Golf Development and Best Property Development China of “ Bentley International Property Awards”, “Top Honor of the Natural Community Award” and “ The Top 10 Super Luxury Residence in China”.

    The project’s private gardens employ an independent yard design with high walls on two sides, penetrating railings with carved patterns at the front and back, and carved cast automatic iron gates. All sorts of botany are planted in the gardens, and exquisite fountains are constructed out of the main gate, manifesting the privacy, nobility and splendor of the Mission Hills in Residence.

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  • Savannah

    Savannah is located between the prestigious Els Course and Vijay Course at Mission Hills Golf Club. It consists of 2 buildings with 146 units with views from the 16th to the 18th floors, and 3 nine-storied buildings with 546 units. The project is enclosed by the Els Course and Vijay Course. It was completed and delivered in February 2002, occupying an area of 32,295sqm and a building area of 64,369sqm. The project has been awarded the title of “Shenzhen Landscape & Garden Community”.

    The architectural beauty of the project, whether in land or space utilization, is one of an extravagance that has gone far beyond the imaginations of common developers. The comfort of its interiors has also exceeded the dreams and pursuit of common people.

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  • Regent on Mission Hills

    Regent on Mission Hills is located on a small hill on the 12th hole of World Cup Course, and is surrounded by fairways 11~17 to form a unidirectional arc. It has four multistoried luxurious bungalows with elevators ,and constructed on the green landscaped course with a 360°view, having a total of 126 households. The project was completed and delivered in November 2000, and occupies an area of 16,601 m2 and a building area of 19,470 sqm. The plot ratio is 0.85, green area is 6,815 sqm and greening rate is 35%. The project has won multiple honors, including “Shenzhen Landscape & Garden Community”, “First Class Luxury Properties of China (Shenzhen)” and “Landscape Residence in the 2001 China (Shenzhen) Properties Successful Operation Model Recommendation”.

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  • Hillsborough

    Hillsborough is located at holes 12 to 16 of the World Cup Course and forms a villa cluster lined up in an anti-clockwise arrangement. The villa cluster has two-storied Spanish style independent garden villas that number 56 buildings/households in total, and the project was completed and delivered in December 1998. The community occupies an area of 43,448 sqm and a building area of 12,973 sqm. The plot ratio is 0.36, the green area 8,875 sqm and greening rate 68%, and the residence community has only one access. Hillsborough has won multiple honors, such as “Shenzhen Landscape & Garden Community”, “First Class Luxury Properties of China (Shenzhen)”, “Landscape Residence in the 2001 China (Shenzhen) Properties Successful Operation Model Recommendation” and other awards.

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