Energy Management

Energy conservation is a key focus in terms of sustainability, because it highly relates to the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and the cost of energy that directly impacts the financial bottom line of the Group. Mission Hills has kicked off the ISO 14064 carbon / energy auditing work in 2013. We have implemented various measures in recent years to reduce the energy consumption of our operations including the following.

  • The first batch of about 200 solar golf carts has already been in use.
  • Installing a heat recovery system to recover the heat energy from the central air-conditioning system of our hotels, using it for water heating to provide hotel guests with hot water.
  • Widely adopting solar energy for lighting and water heating.
  • Using wind and solar hybrid street lights in residential property areas.
  • Replacing T8 florescent tubes with T5 florescent tubes and LED lighting in hotels and clubhouses.
  • Installing energy efficient lighting systems in the golf course area.
  • Using bicycles, which have zero carbon emissions, for security patrols in certain areas in the golf resorts to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Using natural ventilation instead of air-conditioning in autumn and winter time wherever possible.


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