• Leisure Tourism

    Mission Hills Group is committed to building diversified and comprehensive leisure offerings with leisure, ecology and themed tourism as distinct characteristics, comprising:

    Resort Hotels: More than 2,500 rooms across Mission Hills Resort in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Haikou, Ritz-Carlton Haikou, Renaissance Hotel Haikou, and Hard Rock Hotel. The hotels are also equipped with conference venues, wide-ranging dining options and splendid entertainment facilities for the entire family.

    Eco-Tourism: ShenzhenTerra Art Ecological Park is synonymous with a playground in the backyard for residents in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guanlan. It is the best destination for a weekend family outing within the Pearl River Delta, and offers fulfilling winter and summer camps for youths.

    Sports Tourism: Mission Hills provides the best destinations for sports and leisure getaways. Our resorts are home to the PGA Golf Academy in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haikou, the Mission Hills Tennis Academy, Southern China Football Training Base, NBA Training Centre and interactive Exhibit & Store, Barça Academy Pro and Barça Experience Haikou. Other highlights include indoor ice-skating, bowling, mountain biking and more, making Mission Hills a gathering spot for sports enthusiasts and venue for a variety of sporting events and competitions.

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  • Golf

    Mission Hills is home to the World’s Largest Golf club accredited by the Guinness World Records in Shenzhen and Dongguan. It also owns the world’s largest public golf facility in Haikou. With 22 courses and multiple golf academies, Mission Hills’ resorts are also among the most prestigious tournament venues in Asia-Pacific. It has hosted hundreds of competitions and sports exchanges, including the World Cup of Golf, the World Golf Championship and the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am. It has also won many accolades over the years, and is widely known around the world.

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  • Real Estate

    Mission Hills subscribes to the development model and operation concept of “building the environment before the city”, with projects spanning Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haikou. With excellent planning and quality property management, the Group has created perfect living environments where humans are in harmony with nature within the National 5A Tourist Attraction site, realising the perfect combination of residential, commercial, leisure and cultural living, renowned at home and abroad.

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  • Cultural, Entertainment & Commercial Ventures

    Mission Hills is committed to integrating commerce, culture and entertainment in its development, having developed and operate MH Mall in Shenzhen and Mission Hills Centreville in Haikou.

    MH Mall at Mission Hills Shenzhen is an integrated “Retail-tainment” complex with an exciting lineup of recreation, shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure and cultural experiences under one roof. With more than half of its tenants providing experiential retail and a year-round exciting calendar of events, this iconic mall is leading the way as a premier lifestyle destination in the Pearl River Delta.

    A highlight of MH Mall is MH Maker, where youth entrepreneurship, enrichment, exchange, artistic communities, exhibitions, handicraft experiences and trendy lifestyles come together. These include the largest handicraft workshop in China – the first to offer leather craft, metal works, glass art, paper art, fabric art, pottery, woodwork, intangible cultural heritage, independent watch-making, ecological art and more in workshops under one roof.

    MH Centreville in Haikou is a world-class retail destination which integrates entertainment, shopping, leisure, dining and culture. With a plethora of offerings, guests are promised an internationalised entertainment and shopping experience. Highlights include: HNDF duty-free outlets, sports outlets, food street, Barça Experience Haikou, NBA Exhibit & Store, Wet’n’Wild Haikou and more.

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  • Education

    Mission Hills partnered with Bromsgrove School, a top British independent school with over 540 years of history, to offer an innovative and holistic bilingual education at Bromsgrove School • Mission Hills. It has also collaborated with the Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School to set up a campus at Mission Hills Haikou. Integrating its rich resources in sports and creative arts into the curriculum, our schools provide high-quality education with outstanding international characteristics.

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  • Themed Tourism

    In collaboration with acclaimed film director Feng Xiaogang and China’s leading film production studio, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, the Mission Hills • H. Brothers • Feng Xiaogang Movie Town is the first of its kind in China, integrating the beauty of architecture, film and retail into a unique theme park. Movie Town include key districts of “1942 Street”, “Nanyang Street”, “Old Beijing Street”; Youth Courtyard; Church and Square, Park View Areas; the Avenue of Stars; and the world’s largest sound stage covering 8000 sqm. and other complementary services.

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  • Health & Wellness

    Mission Hills in Haikou is home to the world’s largest mineral springs accredited by the Guinness Records. Its spa buildings are inspired by the Fujian Hakka Tulou, a UNESCO World Heritage. The mineral springs are themed after five continents and integrate traditional therapeutic traditions as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness principles. With its unique characteristics, the spa has won many international awards. Our spa centers in Shenzhen and Dongguan also brings together the best of Eastern and Western ancient healing practices and modern beauty rituals, with a wide range of spa services.

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  • Brand Partnerhsip

    Combining multi-industry streams with tourism at the core, Mission Hills has partnered many world-class brands in hospitality, integrated leisure, sports, culture and education. Our partner brands include Ritz Carlton, Renaissance, Hard Rock International, NBA, FC Barcelona, PGA, UK’s Bromsgrove School, Huayi Brothers and more.

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