Mission Hills Impression

30 years of extraordinary Mission Hills journey, alongside the country's reform and opening up process.

30 years of transformation from Shenzhen, Dongguan to Hainan, under the focused eyes our members and friends.

30 years of growth, achievements and steps forward, hand-in-hand with our members and friends.

30 years of glories and happiness, shared among our members and friends with sincere gratitude!

  • Mission Hills = a 5A Home

    Mr. Richard Jin
    Mission Hills Chartered Diamond member and resident
    The refined and humorous Mr. Richard Jin loves golf and Mission Hills. Since he joined the Club in 2004, he has grown to love golf even more. Subsequently, his wife and son have also become golfers - what a classic golf family story!
    Having been involved with Mission Hills for eight years, Mr. Jin has a lot of memories. One of the moments that left him with the deepest impression was a time when he was playing golf at the Club and forgot to close his car windows. What surprised and touched him was that not only were his things untouched and undamaged, the security staff even took turns guarding his car until he returned. Mr. Jin remarked humorously that not only was Mission Hills a national 5A tourist attraction, it was also a "5A home".Security was an important reason for him to settle in Mission Hills, and the peacefulness here makes him very fond of the place.
    Well-wishing: "It is not a coincidence that Mission Hills has become what it is today. It certainly has the essential qualities for success. Happy 20th birthday Mission Hills. May you always prosper!"

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  • Winning the Air France Invitational Tournament at Mission Hills Was My Happiest Moment

    Ms. Florence Huang
    Mission Hills Chartered Diamond member and resident
    A reddish-orange golf outfit, healthy bronzed skin, as well as a bright and radiant smile...... Looking at Florence Huang, one cannot help but be reminded of her graceful, outstanding performance in the Air France Invitational. Mdm. Huang joined the Club with her husband in 2001. Mission Hills has become her second home, and she plays 3 to 4 rounds of golf a week regardless of the weather. Her favorite is the Olazabal Course on which three editions of the World Cup of Golf were played. This is a course full of fun and challenge.
    At the beginning of this year, the "2012 Air France Mission Hills Golf Invitational tournament for Business Elites" was organized at the Club. Mdm. Huang won the competition with a score of 69.6. "Winning this Tournament at Mission Hills was my happiest moment," said Mdm. Huang.
    Well-wishing: "Mission Hills has grown in its reputation over the last 20 years. My sincerest wish is for it to become even better down the road!"

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  • I've Grown with Mission Hills

    Mr. Li Shuibao
    Mission Hills Chartered Diamond member
    "Ah Bao" (Mr. Li Shuibao's nickname) is a legendary figure in the Mission Hills community. He started off as a security officer. In less than 10 years, he became a giant in the industrial real estate business through his diligence and intelligence
    As a senior member and old friend of Mission Hills, Mr. Li has witnessed Mission Hills' development every step of the way. "I am very connected to Mission Hills," Mr. Li said. Talking about his "key" to success, "Many of my clients and partners are members of Mission Hills. I especially like to recommend my friends join Mission Hills. And when they fall in love with golf, they will remember that I was their matchmaker," Mr. Li laughed.
    Mr. Li also has a happy family. He showed his family portrait, The happiness and contentment on his face is irreplaceable.
    Well-wishing: "Mission Hills has done a very good thing for us! I hope that it will continue to thrive and allow us to enjoy a healthier life!"

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  • Mission Hills Always Exceeds Your Imagination

    Mr. David Levy
    Mission Hills Chartered Diamond member and resident
    In 1993, David Levy, a Canadian, had already bought his Mission Hills membership. It was due to his love of golf on one hand, and his trust in Dr. David Chu on the other.
    "Time has proven that I was wise enough. Its development has always exceeded my imagination and expectations!"The 12 signature courses of Mission Hills have allowed Mr. Levy to greatly enjoy his life here. He bought his property at Mission Hills in 2005. "It is the best place in the world to live," he said with a smile.
    "Dr. Chu turned a dream into reality, and I admire his enterprising spirit. Many successful people work hard, but not all of them know what their dreams are or how to make them a reality." Mr. Levy said.
    Well-wishing: "Mission Hills has always been able to make dreams come true, and they always exceed your imagination!"

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  • Mission Hills, a Place to Long for More Than Home

    Mr. Lu Shulin
    Mission Hills Chartered Diamond member and resident
    With grey hair and golden-framed glasses, the refined Mr. Lu Shulin, a Taiwanese, has been a member of Mission Hills for more than 10 years and is one of the earliest residents.
    Mr. Lu likes Mission Hills' paradise-like environment as well as the healthy and organic lifestyle it promotes. The "customer-first" philosophy displayed by everyone from management to employees gives him an incomparable feeling of warmth and friendliness. He said, "Mission Hills is a place which I long for more than home."
    Mr. Lu can be seen at the many charity activities initiated by Mission Hills. The Longchuan Fund Charity Match, a fund specially established for youth, is particularly important to him. Mr. Lu donated RMB 28,000 to the fund, which has received waves of accolades.
    Well-wishing: "The Chu brothers are distinguished heroic figures of this era. Looking at the splendid landscape of Mission Hills, I hope the Club will prosper for many years to come! I sincerely wish that Mission Hills' spirit will be passed down through the generations and bring happiness to all!"

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